Exam 9 Online Course

Get everything you need to prepare for Exam 9. Includes access through the exam with unlimited retakes.  
  • Comprehensive study guide and 18+ hours of video lessons
  • Exam 9 Cookbook with 60+ recipes to calculation problems
  • 250+ practice problems (original and past CAS) in CBT format
  • Two original practice exams in CBT format
  • High-level summaries by paper
  • 400+ flashcards (printable and spaced repetition with Anki)
  • Course forum with support from FCAS instructors

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Exam 9 Instructor

Steve Giusti

Steve is the instructor for CAS Exam 9. Steve Giusti received his FCAS in the Fall of 2018. His past work experience includes personal lines reserving and ratemaking. Prior to his current role as a practicing actuary, Steve taught high school math and science for ten years.

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